BCN the endless source of invites to great parties

28 03 2013

Well basicly just realized that people still visit this blog so I figured I will once again try to strat this one back up with some cool preparty music Ive been listening to recently.. – Florence and the machines-Spectrum(Calvin Harris remix) – Macklemore &Ryan Lewis- Thrift shop – Chocolate Puma & Conel Red- Be Alright – Dj Penetration mash up- Kesha, Flo Rida, Taio cruz, Owl city, Carly Rae Jepsen

enjoy your preparties!



Study vs Music production..the eternal battle and the lack of inspiration

3 12 2012

I have now been producing music from over a year. Mostly as a hobby, but also professionally to some extent. But lately I have found that my inspiration has somewhat withered… I blame this mostly on the constant “interruption” of having to study… 

Though lately i found that when lacking inspiration when I don’t have to study that “in the studio” videos either from future music magazine (the steve angello, dada life, Avicii videos) or on youtube (like the “project 46 studio” video). 


Hopefully this inspiration will lead to more music and I hope that you guys also get inspired by these videos.


If you guys have any other tips let me know!





Im gettin old…

21 11 2012

There all these new genres popping up and I have a hard time keeping up.. I thought dubstep still was a “new” genre but now theres moombahton and trap and all these dubstep sub genres… I guess artists need to be different and “artistic” but its just too hard too keep up with everything…

Anyways.. If you like me dont really know these genres here are some awesome tracks to illustrate..





As always please comment or send me a message if you have something to say on the topic…







My Top 5 House tracks at the moment

20 11 2012

hey here are some of the tracks, both new and some a bit older but all very good:

Jakob Liedholm-“Swede love” ( An awesome track with a type of sound I would like to call “swedish house”

Dj Penetration- Gangnam style (bootleg) ( While waiting for the release of afrojacks official remix this is an ok club mix of “gangnam style” if you havent gotten bored with that track yet…

Bauer & Lanford- Some mellow beast I used to know (bootleg) ( )Bauer & Lanford are two swedish producers with some great original tracks! However got really impressed by their bootlegs especially this one and a track called “crunk levels” which both will have a great effect on the dancefloor of any party…


Avicii-Dancing in my head (tom hangs remix) ( Tom hangs is as many of you know another alias of Tim Berling aka Avicii. This is one of the best tracks he has released after “levels” (some of the latest tracks have received some bad press for being a bit boring..) 

And lets end this on a BANGER! Ryan Enzed’s new track “A center for ants” ( This track is sure to get you into a party mood if blasted from your speakers or in your headphones!


Hope you like the tracks!



Please comment if there are some new tracks that should be one the list…

Back in business…

20 11 2012

Alright peps… Lets start up this blog again…

I will have some music suggestions for house lovers and djs aswell as some of my own tracks that needs to get some promotion…


if you have any comments or songs, demos, mixes that you want me to post to this blog send me a comment



Sorry for the lack of updates…

31 01 2012

Hey Guys!


Sorry I have been lacking in presence on this blog, but Ill update it soon…





Dj RasmusFrie

Spring time is a party!

23 04 2011

I’m back after having to study,work and not having time to update my music or the blog. Tonight however that is in the past we are going to go out after a  nice day at the beach drinking palomas!!

The preparty mix of the week is a mix I made on our terrace in the sun hope you enjoy it:

BTW I have a party comin up where some of these tracks will be played “Similar But Swedish”@ Hotel ME Friday the 29th of April!!!


Dj Rasmus